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Create safe & healthy spaces that protect occupant health, promote anti-aging and boost revenue.

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We spend more than 90% of our time inside buildings.

This means by the time you are 70, you would have spent 63 years indoors. Spending time in an unhealthy space can not only make you very sick but also speed up aging & reduce revenue.

We're living in a time where we want the best nutrition & exercise to make us healthier. 
Post-COVID, the focus is now on indoors.

Why are you ignoring the 90%?

BAIOTEQ has combined the last 50 years of research to create an 8-stage biosecurity framework that protects occupants, promotes anti-aging & boosts revenue.

Lighting &
Occupants &

BAIOTEQ's 3 Streams for Healthy Buildings

Healthy Building Certification

The Healthy Building Certification is awarded to facilities which actively deploy key biosecurity measures required to maintain a safe & healthy space. An absolute essential for the post-COVID era.

Protect Occupants:
Create an indoor environment that makes you 'more healthy' not just 'less sick'.
Be assured that your place to live, work, learn, play, & rest is slowing down your body's aging process.
Informed Shopper:
Provide health data to today's informed shoppers, so that they confidently choose your business.
Health Map:
Get listed as a 'Healthy Building' on our Health Map and be seen by millions of consumers*.


Health & Safety

The #1 Biosecurity service for human-centred organisations. Also known as the 'Michelin Star' of Health & Safety. A dedicated team of biosecurity experts equipped with our proprietary AI works 24x7 to protect your space.

Dedicated Team to Protect Occupants:
Dedicated biosecurity experts work 24x7 to maximize health & safety.
Anti-Aging: Naturally slow down the human body's aging process with active biosecurity.
Framework: Based on our 8 stage biosecurity framework, which uses 50 years of medical research + WHO & CDC
Key Facts:
↓ 14% Costs; ↑ 10% revenue (Harvard).
Health Map: Get listed as a BAIOTEQ Star facility on Building Health Map & get active online marketing in your region.
IoT Sensors: Detect occupancy (thermal), Air Quality, PM1-10, VOC, CO2, NO2, O3, Cleaning Quality-ATP, Water Quality-ATP, Temperature, Humidity, Lighting, Ventilation & more.


Biosecurity Audits

Comprehensive biosecurity audits for large organisations and governments. Our audits use standards based on years of research to evaluate the indoor and the outdoor environment. We assess the environment's impact on human health and the probability of infections. Data driven recommendations are provided to help optimize systems and operating protocols for better health.

Air Quality Audit: Understand air quality of outdoor & indoor spaces across large spaces like campuses and cities.
Complete Biosecurity Audit:
Get a full biosecurity audit that includes air quality, cleaning quality, water quality & more.
(NEW) Biosecurity for Events: Biosecurity for large public events to ensure a safe & healthy environment for all.


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Platform Metrics

Managed by dedicated biosecurity experts. Backed by Science.

Disease RISK
AI-based disease surveillance
Infectious Outbreak Risk
Biosecurity Alerts
Air Quality
PM2.5, VOCs, &CO2
O3, NO2, & AQI
Sensor Based
Daily Updates
Biosecurity Alerts
Water Quality
Water Contamination Levels
ATP Based- In Person Testing
Biosecurity Alerts
Cleaning Quality
Surface Contamination Levels
ATP Based- In Person Testing
Biosecurity Alerts
Thermal Health
Sensor Based
Daily Updates
Biosecurity Alerts
Lighting & Ventilation
Sensor Based- Lighting
In-Person Testing- Ventilation
Tailored Advisory
Occupants & SenTiments
Sensor-based Occupancy
AI-based Sentiment Analysis
Tailored Advisory
Health/Safety Communication
Facility Certification
Facility Certification
Marketing Materials
Tailored Advisory

Frequently Asked

What is BAIOTEQ?

BAIOTEQ is a social enterprise that offers biosecurity for the sole purpose of preventing future outbreaks. We make building health reports freely available to the public to help them make informed decisions. We also help businesses create safe & healthy spaces that protect occupant health, promote anti-aging and boost revenue.

This is not business as usual. BAIOTEQ uses its funds to fund building health assessments around the globe. To date, we’ve funded building health assessments of thousands of buildings.

What is a social enterprise?

Put simply, a social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being. BAIOTEQ is a social enterprise that exists for the sole purpose of preventing future outbreaks by advancing biosecurity.

What is biosecurity?

Biosecurity enables organizations to prepare, prevent, and rapidly respond to biological threats to keep people safe and maintain business continuity. Biosecurity measures are centered around the health and wellbeing of employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Similar to how cybersecurity became a standard business practice within the last decade, Biosecurity has now become essential in today's environment. Organizations are investing in biosecurity to ensure business continuity and stakeholder health.

How does BAIOTEQ's biosecurity platform work?

For the public: We help the public make informed decisions about the buildings they enter with a building health score on our building health map. Our goal is to empower the people to see which building could be a health risk.

For businesses: We help businesses create safe & healthy spaces that protect occupant health, promote anti-aging and boost revenue. We do this by using our AI + IoT platform to ensure buildings meet our standards. Eligible businesses receive a certification.


BAIOTEQ is a government funded social enterprise that was established exclusively to prevent outbreaks. BAIOTEQ was the 1st company in Canada to use AI to detect COVID-19. Since then, we have received support from the Govt. of Canada- National Research Council of Canada, Amazon, University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie Medicine to name a few. 

BAIOTEQ has combined the last 50 years of research to create an 8 stage biosecurity framework that is based on WHO, CDC & Health Canada guidelines. Our biosecurity platform is powered by proprietary AI+IoT technology. Empowered by this technology, our in house human experts form the ultimate defense system against biological threats.

What is the 8 stage biosecurity framework?

BAIOTEQ has combined the last 50 years of research to create an 8 stage biosecurity framework for advancing health in spaces of all kinds. The “8 stage biosecurity framework” was created by a multidisciplinary team of experts from BAIOTEQ Inc with the support of Dalhousie Medicine, University of New Brunswick & the National Research Council of Canada. 

The 8 stages of our biosecurity framework are: Disease Risk, Air Quality, Water Quality, Cleaning Quality, Thermal Health, Lighting & Ventilation, Occupants & Sentiments and Health/Safety Communication.

Can I just buy the certification?

No, we're not in the business of selling a 'diploma' to hang on the wall. We take healthy & safety seriously, which is why our team of biosecurity experts ensures that the building meets our standards before a certification is given out.

Healthy Buildings

Some of the buildings tested by our biosecurity experts.

Regulators & Backers

This is Next-Gen Biosecurity.
Backed by Science.

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