BAIOBRAIN+ AI automates medical imaging to identify infectious diseases like TB & COVID-19 with over 90% accuracy.

Medical Imaging AI

BAIOBRAIN+ is trained on more than 50,000 x-rays and uses deep learning to identify more than 15 different abnormalities including Coronavirus and Pneumonia. We want to empower radiologists with advanced medical imaging tools to facilitate top-notch patient care. BAIOBRAIN+ is a reliable and affordable solution that can improve care delivery and enhance patient outcomes. Our goal is to help radiologists automate x-ray interpretation to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the medical imaging workflow. Our software is more than 90% accurate at detecting the following abnormalities: Atelectasis, Consolidation, Infiltration, Pneumothorax, Edema, Emphysema, Fibrosis, Effusion, Pneumonia, Pleural Thickening, Cardiomegaly, Nodule, Mass, Hernia and Coronavirus (Beta). The next generation of BAIOBRAIN+ will enhance its footprint in healthcare AI by including the ability to detect TB & Cancer while being able to interpret MRI & CT scans.

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