AI Powered Infection Control

Next-gen platform for infectious disease surveillance, diagnostic imaging and infection prevention management.


All-In-One Solution

BAIOTEQ™ provides comprehensive infection control technology solutions tailored for healthcare, governments and businesses.


Next-Gen Infection Control.
Backed by Science.

Our team constantly investigates scientific literature to develop and improve our novel solutions. Our R&D is done under the guidance of our experts which include Canada's leading researchers like our medical science advisor Dr. Keith Brunt and our research partners like UNB, DAL Medicine and IMPART TEAM.

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Our Advantage

Global & local outbreak monitoring with BAIOWATCH AI
Automated infection diagnosis with BAIOBRAIN AI
Data-driven infection prevention with BAIOSENSE AI
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Bridging human and artificial intelligence for better health.

We're building innovative infection control solutions that will not only help us recover from this pandemic, but also help us build a healthier tomorrow.


Use Cases


Hospitals, Clinics etc.

We empower medical professionals to monitor global outbreaks, predict local infections, diagnose infectious diseases, & optimise disinfection.


Countries, Cities etc.

We help governments protect populations by providing tools to manage outbreaks and reduce risks and liability.


Offices, Stores etc.

We enable businesses to reduce costs and increase profitability while protecting workforces and building outbreak resilience.


Schools, Churches etc.

We help large commercial facilities build outbreak resilience and reduce costs through the digital transformation of cleaning operations.


We're constantly building and investing in cutting-edge technologies to fast-forward the pace of our infection control science.


Frequently Asked

How does the BAIOTEQ platform work

BAIOTEQ provides end to end digital infection control solutions which use the power of AI and IoT to enable data-driven infectious disease surveillance, diagnostic imaging and infection prevention management.

What does the Artificial Intelligence do?

Our AI platform is powered by 3 proprietary AI engines which include BAIOWATCH AI for monitoring, BAIOBRAIN AI for diagnosis, BAIOSENSE AI for prevention.

What does IoT do?

We deploy smart building sensors that continuously feed data to the BAIOSENSE AI engine for real time analytics.

How can I deploy your AI platform at my facility?

The BAIOTEQ AI platform is currently available only for research use to our partners. We are actively looking for new partners to help us usher in a new age of data-driven healthcare to deliver social impact at scale. Please contact us for more information.

This is Next-Gen Infection Control.
Backed by Science.

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