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Safe & healthy spaces that protect occupant health & promote anti-aging.

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We spend more than 90% of our time inside buildings.

Why are you ignoring the 90%?

BAIOTEQ's biosecurity certifications are are designed to create safe & healthy spaces that protect occupant health & promote anti-aging.

Powered by our 8-Stage Biosecurity Framework & Infection Risk Indicator.

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Healthy Building Certification

An essential for healthy buildings in the Post-COVID era. This free evidence-based blockchain certification validates your health and safety efforts with a healthy building NFT award.

Framework: Based on our Infection Risk Indicator, an AI driven version of our 8 stage biosecurity framework.

Peace of Mind:
Provide peace of mind to your staff & customers that your space makes them more 'healthy'.

Pricing: 100% Free.

Health & Safety

The ultimate 24x7 biosecurity service for healthy buildings. Let us create a safe & healthy space for you to protect occupant health, promote anti-aging and boost revenue.

Framework: Based on our 8 stage biosecurity framework, which uses 50 years of medical research + WHO & CDC.

Dedicated Experts:
Dedicated biosecurity experts work 24x7 to maximize health & safety and protect iccupants.

Be assured that your place to live, work, learn, play, & rest is slowing down your body's aging process.

IoT Sensors: Occupant Counter (thermal), Air Quality, VOC, CO2, NO2, O3, PM1-10, Cleaning Quality-ATP, Water Quality-ATP, Temperature, Humidity, Lighting, Ventilation & more.

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Frequently Asked

What is BAIOTEQ?

BAIOTEQ is a government funded social enterprise that was established exclusively to prevent outbreaks with the power of Web3. BAIOTEQ was the 1st company in Canada to use AI to detect COVID-19. Since then, we have received support from the Govt. of Canada- National Research Council of Canada, Amazon, University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie Medicine to name a few. 

This is not business as usual. BAIOTEQ funds building health assessments around the globe. To date, we’ve funded building health assessments of thousands of buildings.

What is a social enterprise?

Put simply, a social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being. BAIOTEQ is a social enterprise that exists for the sole purpose of preventing future outbreaks by enhancing global biosecurity.

What is biosecurity?

Biosecurity enables organizations to prepare, prevent, and rapidly respond to biological threats to keep people safe and maintain business continuity. Biosecurity measures are centered around the health and wellbeing of employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

How does BAIOTEQ's biosecurity platform work?

Health Map: Free building health map to see if the buildings near you are a health risk, trusted by over 1M+ users.
Certification: Get certified & earn $BAIO tokens for safe & healthy spaces that protect occupants & promote anti-aging.

What is the science behind BAIOTEQ's Health Map?

In 2020, BAIOTEQ created the revolutionary 8 stage biosecurity framework for healthy buildings. This biosecurity framework was based on the last 50 years of medical research and was made possible by the support of the National Research of Canada, Dalhousie University and the University of New Brunswick.

In 2021, we invested significant resources to make an AI driven version of our biosecurity framework that was accessible. This led to the launch of our Infection Risk Indicator. By leveraging air quality data, BAIOTEQ's Infection Risk Indicator can predict the probability of an infectious disease outbreak in any space. This is what powers our building health map.

What is the $BAIO token?

$BAIO is the platform's reward token, and enhanced documentation will be available in 2023.

How can I submit data for health map? How will I receive my reward?

During this early stage, we advise you to contact us and share the building's CO2 (in ppm), PM2.5 (in μg/m3), temperature (in celcius), and humidity (in RH).

What biosecurity certifications can my facility get?

BAIOTEQ's biosecurity certifications are designed to create safe & healthy spaces that protect occupant health, promote anti-aging and boost revenue. Our blockchain based 'Healthy Building' certification uses our infection risk indicator framework and is 100% free. Our 'BAIOTEQ Star of Health & Safety' certification uses our comprehensive 8 stage biosecurity framework and is a fully-managed biosecurity service with dedicated biosecurity experts and AI/IoT Sensors. Pricing starts at $1000/mo.

Healthy Buildings

Some of the buildings tested by our biosecurity experts.

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This is Next-Gen Biosecurity.
Backed by Science.

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